Decorative Indoor Waterfall Launches Campaign to Improve User Health


(Cudaback, NY) According to information from the EPA, indoor air quality is a top five environmental risk to public health. It has been found that indoor air pollutants are two to five times greater than the levels outside. In some homes and buildings, indoor air pollution was more than 100 times greater than pollutants outside. There are several reasons for this including use of air fresheners, poor ventilation, the use of chemical-laden household cleaners and even toxic candles.

In an effort to help reduce issues with indoor air pollution, Decorative Indoor Waterfall has launched a campaign to help spread awareness of the benefits their indoor fountains and waterfalls have to offer regarding indoor air quality.

“In the past, many people thought they only way they could improve their air quality was with an expensive, bulky and loud air purifier,” stated company representative Usman Bajwa. “Today, we know that indoor air fountains can provide the same benefits. Air purifiers work by releasing negative ions to attach to the positive ions and dirt particles to remove them. These same negative ions are found near water sources, including fountains and waterfalls in the home.”

Not only are fountains and waterfalls offered at more affordable than air purifiers, they are also just as effective and offer other health benefits. For example, these waterfalls and fountains are a great source of white noise and can restore moisture in the home without bacteria.

“We have designed our fountains and waterfalls to help provide our customers with the ultimate relaxation experience,” continued Bajwa. “Our line of indoor waterfalls is beneficial for the health of users and provides the ultimate level of stress release. This is something that traditional air purifiers simply can’t compete with.”

Customers interested in purchasing an indoor waterfall or fountain for their home can browse the options and prices by visiting the website.


Customers who are searching for a way to add a bit of zen in their home are going to love the products offered by Decorative Indoor Waterfall. With the indoor fountains and waterfalls available, users can enjoy the relaxing sound of a trickling brook or enjoy the serenity that goes with seeing a waterfall occur in nature. There is no question that these products bring a sense of soothing relaxation to any home and a must-have regardless of the style or décor present.

SavvyHomemade Launches Free Membership Service to Fans and Visitors


(United States) According to a recent poll, 48 percent of respondents of more than 1,000 consumers stated they believe handmade shopping has become more popular in the past five years and 49 percent believe this is a trend that is going to continue going up. The sales and numbers of individuals participating in handmade crafts and products back up this poll with sales that are continuing to go up in the handmade products industry.

In an effort to gain more visibility for her work and capitalize on this growing interest in handmade products, SavvyHomemade has created a free membership offer for those in the industry or simply individuals who are interested in learning more about handmade things. The free membership provides users with invaluable information and resources, including access to exclusive Ebooks on diy crafts, news from the industry, giveaways, contest reminders and more.

“The process to sign up for our free membership at takes less than a minute,” stated company owner and founder Angela Wills. “Once you are signed up you will receive instant freebies in your email to help you pursue your love of creating your own homemade gifts and handmade products.”

At Angela, along with help from her children and husband, make the majority of the homemade items on her site. Prior to posting anything new, Angela takes the time to research about it to have the highest likelihood of success. From homemade chocolate and vanilla soap to unique jewelry, this site caters to any type of personally made homemade product you may be interested in.

“With the introduction of our free membership service, we hope to encourage our fans to interact and engage with us on a more regular basis,” Wills continued. “In addition to the benefits listed above, once you sign up you will also get instant access to the exclusive members-only area and receive access to free downloads. This is all in an effort to help provide more value to customers.”

Individuals who are interested in the handmade industry can enjoy many benefits by utilizing the new, free membership option offered by SavvyHomemade.


Angela Wills is the heart and soul of SavvyHomemade and with assistance from her husband Brian, three children Kelly, Daniel and Chris and several foster children throughout the years, she actively adds new handmade items to her website, along with ideas, tutorials, and news. While Angela doesn’t claim to be an expert in handmade items she does enjoy trying out new items to see what she can accomplish and loves the opportunity to share her results online.